A breakage or crack in the arm bone is termed an arm fracture. This fracture can occur in one of the 3 arm bones namely the humerus, ulna and the radius. Arm fractures may be caused due to vehicular accidents, a direct blow to the arm or due to a fall on your arm such as during sports activities.

The symptoms of an arm fracture include:

  • Severe pain immediately after the injury
  • Difficulty in movement of the arm
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Weakness and numbness or deformity in the fingers

An arm fracture can be diagnosed by physical examination of the arm and using imaging tests such as X-rays to determine the exact location and type of fracture.

Treatment for arm fracture depends on your age, health, type and severity of the fracture. The different treatment options include setting the bone in its position by immobilization of the arm with the cast, pain medications to reduce pain, or surgery to repair the broken bone with the help of screws, wires and nails in cases of severe fractures. Your doctor will also recommend physical therapy to strengthen your bones and help ease mobilization.