• Bowed Legs

    Bowed legs are a bony deformity resulting in outward curvature of one or both knees of the lower legs.


  • Broken Ankle

    Ankle injuries are the most common sports-related injury. An ankle fracture is a break in one or more bones that make up the ankle joint. Sometimes ligaments may also be damaged.


  • Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

    Chronic lateral ankle pain is a longstanding or recurring pain in the outer aspect of the ankle that is often experienced after an acute ankle injury such as rolled ankle or sprained ankle.
  • Claw Toe

    Claw toe is a deformity, where a toe bends and appears like a bird’s claw. The affected toe is bent upward from the joint at the ball of foot, and downward at the joints in the middle and tip of the toe to curl under the foot.


  • Clubfoot

    Clubfoot is a term used to describe a foot deformity in newborns. The name is derived from the appearance of an untreated adult foot,


  • Corns

    A corn is a circular area of thickened skin developed as a result of continuous friction or pressure. They usually develop on the soles of feet, or on the top or sides of toes,


  • Diabetic Foot

    Diabetes is a chronic condition that is characterized by high blood glucose (sugar) levels. Diabetic patients are at a high risk for developing chronic wounds,





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