• Hip Dislocation

    The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. The “ball” is the head of the femur, or thigh bone, and the “socket” is the cup shaped acetabulum.


  • Hip Strains

    A tear in the muscle fibers caused by either a fall or direct blow to the muscle, overstretching and overuse injury is called a strain.


  • Inflammatory Arthritis of the Hip

    Inflammation of the joints is referred to as arthritis. The inflammation arises when the smooth covering (cartilage)


  • Muscle Strain of the Thigh

    A hamstring strain is an excessive stretch or tearing of hamstring muscles which are located at the back of the thigh.



  • Burning Thigh Pain

    Meralgia paresthetica, also known as Bernhardt-Roth syndrome is a neurological condition characterized by pain and numbness in the thigh.





  • Total Hip Replacement

    Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged cartilage and bone is removed from the hip joint and replaced with artificial components.


  • Total Hip Replacement Exercise Guide

    Exercising the muscles that surround and support the hip help restore range of motion and joint strength after hip replacement surgery.