• I wasn't sure of how a shoulder would come back, but Dr. Wisotsky has done thousands of shoulders, which gave me great comfort. His PA team of Sean and Ashley are awesome. And most importantly, having now done both shoulders, the rehab is mission critical but the pain is gone and I'm forever grateful and have gained a lot of quality time for the decades ahead. Thank you, and your surgical team! Truly amazing.
    By - Brian Rock
    07-Jul-2024 06:40 PM
  • Dr Feliciano is my number one choice for surgery. He replaced my right hip and it was healed so quickly that I’m having him replace my knee and glad I met him thanks to Dr. Kilgore for bringing him on board.
    By - Robert Pawling
    24-Jun-2024 12:06 PM
  • Feb 2023 Dr Koslin did and full left knee replacement along with Maco. After a year.plus I am walking normally with zero problems. Thank you Dr. A. Koslin !
    By - Anthony Nielsen
    23-Jun-2024 08:31 PM
  • Dr. Boltuch is one of the finest doctors that I’ve known. Dr B was on a surgical rotation at the time I fractured my femur. How blessed I was that he was the surgeon on duty. He is knowledgeable and I was fortunate to have his expertise. He was extremely caring about my injury and followed me throughout my recovery. He takes the time to listen . I trust him and would recommend him to anyone who needs his specialty.
    By - Diane Gale
    08-Jun-2024 01:40 AM
  • I was so impressed with Dr Feliciano when he replaced my hip and did a remarkable job. I was golfing in 6 weeks. I’ve decided to have him replace my bone on bone right knee. He’s terrific and has my complete trust. Thanks Doctor for all you do.
    By - Robert Pawling
    31-May-2024 12:01 AM
  • Dr. Pigeon just performed an ACDF at 3 levels one week ago. I already feel optimistic about my future. I've had chronic pain since I was 16 and have gone thru many types of treatments, therapies, etc. At the age of 56 I became so depressed and so tired of being in pain all the time. So I thought I'd take one more shot at finding a solution. By the Grace of God I found Dr. Pigeon on my Insurance website and he was the Answer. The surgery was painful, the healing process is long and so many doubted my decision. But I am extremely happy I took the chance because it renewed my Faith in Life, People and Healing. Dr. Pigeon was 'spot on' about the cause of my problem and immediately after surgery my radiculopathy was gone. I've been trying for days to think of something to give him in Thanks. But I cannot think of anything that portrays the value of the gift he has given me by being the absolute best at his profession. And every person who worked with him at the hospital raved about how wonderful of a surgeon he is which made me completely comfortable and full of trust. If Dr. Pigeon says he can fix your problem with surgery you can be confident that he will do just that. Thank you Dr. Pigeon and thank you God for helping me fid him.
    By - Sheri Aquuni
    23-May-2024 03:35 PM
  • My name is Sonia Costa, I had an appointment at 10:45am. When you arrive at reception, the first thing to do is ask for payment for the consultation $50.00 ... ok... I paid On schedule I was seen by an assistant who took me to a room to be seen by the doctor, so far so good. The minutes passed until it took me an hour to wait inside the room and there was no attendant or doctor to give me the satisfaction of waiting so long, I opened the door normally and went towards reception to ask for my refund of $50.00. I'm very offended, my problem is surgery, I was there to schedule the day of this surgery. I continue to feel pain. I wait for an answer. google translate Sonia Costa
    By - Sonia Costa
    03-May-2024 06:58 PM
  • Dr. Davidson is an honest and compassionate great surgeon. Ive been having sciatica, lower back pain, numbness and burning sensation on both my feet. Had an MRI done and met with Dr Davidson in January of 2024. He went over in detail what the MRI showed and answered all my questions. He made me feel so at ease that I accepted hi recommendation of L4,L5 Fusion procedure. He performed such procedure @ Morton Plant Hospital on March 25, 2024. It has been 3 and 1/2 weeks since procedure and Im recuperating nicely with most of the previous pain and issues gone. i will always be grateful to Dr. Davidson for everything he has done for me.
    By - Mario Gonzalez
    18-Apr-2024 03:10 PM
  • Matt Krause, PA-C, has been given me quarterly injections for years in my left and right knees, so I can walk. He also helped me with another medical condition, going beyond his job description. You are fortunate to have such a fine member of the OAWF staff. Greatly appreciate the fine work of OAWF.
    By - Eric Elder
    27-Mar-2024 02:25 AM
  • I had my hip replaced on 2/13/2024 Dr. Cheong and his entire staff as well as the staff at Morton Plant were professional and caring I would highly recommend Dr. Cheong
    By - Richard Gordon
    26-Feb-2024 09:14 PM
  • Dr . Scott Wisotsky and Ashley Sanchez gave me a new bionic arm and elbow and i am so grateful that i dont have the pain i had before and am able to move my arm and elbow better than before! This office in Bardmoor is quick with hardly any wait time when you have your scheduled appointment . The staff is wonderful and courteous and i promised my doctor there will be no more falls and he wont have to repair my right arm again!!
    By - Ellen Tischio
    02-Feb-2024 12:33 AM
  • I had a lateral total knee replacement performed by Dr. Cheong on December 14, 2023, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Cheong and his entire team walked me through the steps prior to surgery and contacted me post-op to check on my progress. He is a fantastic surgeon, and I would highly recommend him for knee replacement. He also performed hip replacement on my 86-year-old mother-in-law, and she also had excellent results. He and his staff are the best and I highly recommend him! Many thanks Dr. Cheong!
    By - Daniel Sweeney
    27-Jan-2024 09:43 PM
  • The Physical Therapy dept. is awesome. The staff is very informative and welcoming. Christina was very helpful and understanding in my need for mobility again. She exceeded my expectations every time. Thank you
    By - Kim Tikkanen
    25-Jan-2024 07:25 PM
  • I had an appointment with Dr. Feliciano this morning at the Countryside Office. I was very impressed with him and how professional he is. He explained everything to my understanding, leaving no questions unanswered. I would definitely recommend him to any of my family or friends that would need an orthopedicDr.
    By - Diane GWall
    22-Jan-2024 05:23 PM
  • Dr Davidson is truly a remarkable doctor! He's very thorough and very easy to talk to. He reminds me of DR Larry Todd back in Ohio . They are colleagues who have worked together and know exactly what they are doing. I love them both and and are very high on my standards list. I wouldn't trust anyone else. I trend to give. Dr Davidson a hard time at times but it is all in jest. I truly think he's great and .I really should lay off. He works very long hours and has very little to relax and enjoy being with his family. I truy admire him and think he's the greatest!! Thank you for being you!
    By - MaryLou Hebb
    18-Jan-2024 06:16 PM
  • Dr. Scott Wisotsky was referred to me by my PCP for shoulder replacement. Dr. Wisotsky recommended a reverse replacement. I can't say enough about the procedure, my care at Morton Plant, or my recovery. I'm pretty sure Dr. W has "magical powers". My experience has been far better than anyone else I've run into with similar surgery. The recovery has been easier than the arthroscopic shoulder procedure I had years ago. Dr. W and his staff are INCREDIBLE!
    By - John Deermount
    09-Jan-2024 07:06 PM
  • Dr Cheong replaced my knee in 2022 and it's because of him that I can walk, exercise and just live a normal life. I am so very grateful for him. I also liked his PA too! She is amazing and just as caring as Dr Cheong.
    18-Dec-2023 06:47 PM
  • Dr. Byron Davidson was recommended to me by a friend and then I find out 2 doctors we know have seen him also. I was having very bad sciatic pain in my left leg and hips and after PT and shots, surgery was next or live with it. After meeting with Dr. Davidson I was confident he could help me. He explained the procedure and answered our questions and left the decision up to me. I decided to have the surgery done and am so glad I did. My surgery was October 9 2023 and I have no sciatic pain in my left leg and hips anymore. Dr. Davidson said I had a lot of arthritis in L4,5 and L5,S1and he cleared it out. I’m feeling so much better and Dr.Davidson is the best! I absolutely recommend him! Thank you Dr.Davidson!
    By - Dennis Touchton
    15-Dec-2023 12:41 AM
  • I am 3 months out from a two level lumbar laminectomy and discectomy with Dr. Byron Davidson. I tried everything before surgery including medications, physical therapy, and injections. Nothing worked to relieve the shooting pain and numbness in my left leg. I was unable to be as active as I usually was, which included kayaking, hiking and camping. Dr. Davidson was the only surgeon recommended by my pain management physician. He is friendly and reassuring and when seeing him pre-operatively and post-operatively you feel like the only patient in the office because he takes time to be welcoming and comforting. I had immediate cessation of pain and numbness and have to stop myself from overdoing it since I feel so good. I highly recommend Dr. Davidson and his staff if you are considering back surgery. He gave me back my life!
    By - Edward Thomas
    16-Nov-2023 04:16 PM
  • I went to Physical Therapy not expecting much , because I knew I needed a bi lateral hip revision. Little did I know that my hips and lower back was very tight . And weak from not using them , because of the pain I was having. Then I met Mark and Christina. Wow what a dynamic duo these two are. They explained to me very clear on how I can overcome my situation. They sent me home after 11 sessions and I’m a very different person, the pain is less , my flexibility is a lot better , and my core strength is getting stronger. I now have what it takes to continue my journey , on getting stronger. I want to Thank them both very much .
    By - Robert Smith
    26-Oct-2023 11:42 AM
  • I had a bone spur that was damaging my Achilles tendon. I had an extremely successful surgery and very positive experience with Dr. Werner. After my final follow up, Dr. Werner suggested physical therapy with OAWF to speed up my recovery. I worked with Mark and Christina. Both of them were completely centered on the patient experience. They asked what my goals were and met me where I was at to help me improve my strength and dexterity after surgery. In just a couple months, I went from needing a break every half hour or so when I would walk to being able to walk several miles at a theme park event, and I credit their diligence and monitoring during sessions, as well as making sure I knew what to do when I was on my own. They are wonderful at what they do, and everyone is really kind. TL;DR: 10/10 highly recommend.
    By - Tena
    18-Oct-2023 10:21 PM
  • Dr. Andrew Cooper is absolutely fantastic! However, this review isn't all about this renowned surgeon. It’s about the real sense of friendliness, goodwill, and familiarity among all of the people in the group who played a part in my elective total knee replacement. Thankfully, for me, everyone made this painful process most enjoyable. The trust I placed in Dr. Cooper erased all of my concerns regarding the surgery. And, a sense of compassionate caring offered naturally by all others provided great relief before, during, and after the event. Highly Recommended!!
    By - Robert M Zampetti
    01-Oct-2023 12:18 PM
  • Thank you to Dr. Feliciano for great medical care today. He explained everything well and allowed me to ask a lot of questions. I would highly recommend him.
    By - Maggie Hall
    14-Sep-2023 05:02 PM
  • To Dr Cheong, Dr Davidson, the Ortho floor nursing staff, the home PT - Please print and frame this. Dr Cheong performed a complete hip replacement for my wife Wilma (Wendi) Scott, in ER with fractured hip around 7 AM, and out of surgery around 4 pm. The phone conversations we had gave me great confidence to approve the go ahead, and the care from all was exceptional, much more than "above average". I also was a back surgery patient with Dr Davidson, and appreciated that during rounds he came and talked to my wife, and gave here a chance to thank him and OAWF for the greate care he recieved. Perhaps most important to us, Wilma had previously been to Ft Harrison and Dunedion 4 times previous with severe confusion, and frankly the the treatment from some of the nursing staff especially night shift was very unprofessional and un satisfatory, to the point where Wilma never wanted to go to emergency again, This recent experience with OAWF and the Ortho ward was so exceptionally positive that we have reset (put behind us) the unfortunate bad experiences. So from the Thompson family, Thank you, Thank you Thank you and God bless to you and all the staff
    By - Wilma Scott + Keith Thompson
    13-Sep-2023 06:39 AM
  • Dr Feliciano was very helpfull. Good bedside manor. Explained my situation in terms I could understand and listened to and responded to my concerns. I would recommend his service to all of my family.
    By - William wiard
    08-Aug-2023 02:39 PM
  • Dr. Feliciano combines outstanding surgical skills with true compassion. He gave me the gift of mobility back. Indy's loss is W Florida's gain. I truly miss my friend. He changed my life for the better.
    By - richard brown
    08-Aug-2023 01:17 AM
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Feliciano's when he was in Indianapolis. Since 2009, he has replaced both knees and both hips. He is one of the most caring Doctors I've ever seen. He is truly one of a kind. This practice is very lucky to have him as one of their surgeons.
    By - Allen Campbell
    07-Aug-2023 09:16 PM
  • Mark and Christina were amazing! They're very knowledgeable, very friendly and took very good care of me. And at the same note, all the staff within the area from the check-in to the other people that were not working on me were all very friendly. Very knowledgeable and I don't think I could have had a better experience!
    By - LeAnn Holbrook
    22-Jul-2023 12:54 AM
  • I saw Dr. John Kilgore for evaluation for a knee replacement today. The office was very efficient. Dr. Kilgore was very complete in his in depth explanation in discussing my case. I have complete confidence in him and in the procedure planned.
    By - Claude McMullen
    20-Jul-2023 10:46 PM
  • Love the place! All equipment is new, reception girls great, Kaitlin is the best, she really gets you and your condition, in my case is the shoulder and ever since I started with her things are really good with my shoulder, I totally recommend this place!!
    By - Pedro Carbonell
    12-Jul-2023 04:58 PM
  • I had knee replacements by Dr Cooper a year ago. He and his entire staff are great. Dane followed up with me for my one year check up and is professional and helpful. If you need knee surgery, please see Dr Cooper and his staff.
    By - Linda
    11-Jul-2023 11:07 PM
  • I did PT with Mark and Christina. It was a great experience. Apart from being lovely people in general, they made their physical therapy sessions something to look forward to. I had several body issues and needed their help. They are competent, friendly and very caring. They helped me get rid of unwanted pains and aches and also gave me exercises that I now do at home. These exercises help me every day. I really appreciate all your care. You are the best!
    By - Kornelia Heath-Probst
    03-Jul-2023 12:28 PM
  • PA Dane did a terrific job, giving me a gel shot in the knee. This was my second shot of two. It was almost painless. Dane is very courteous and professional and knowledgeable.
    By - Johnny cardosi
    27-Jun-2023 09:16 PM
  • I arrived at the Countryside office wY early for my appointment with Ashley and was expecting to sit in the waiting room and read my book. Instead of making me wait for an appointment that would take very little time, they called me in. Had an injection in my shoulder that I barely felt and today pain level is much lower.
    By - Barbara Buckley
    22-Jun-2023 04:54 PM
  • Dr. Cottrell referred me to the Countryside physical therapy, the therapist was amazing,her name was Jen Kearny. All of the Doctors and nurses at OAWF are great,pleasant and professional. Dr. Whiddon did my Knees replacements and now I have to have a shoulder replacement with Dr. Cottrell. I trust their expertise, their compassion in what they do,.
    By - deb Ostraco
    16-Jun-2023 01:06 PM
  • Very quick and efficient service. I am very pleased with the results so far. Second one is next Week. Looking forward to it.
    By - William Fitzgerald
    13-Jun-2023 06:50 PM
  • Dr.Cottrell is amazing! Great personality and super professional. His staff as well. I’ve been a patient with another Dr. In his group and I have nothing but fantastic care! God Bless them.
    By - deb Ostraco
    06-Jun-2023 06:06 PM
  • Mark Jorgensen,Christina Lovera, Jinsly Jhon are an excellent team! Mark and Christina are highly knowledgable, have a positive energy that is transferred to their patients. Jay is always willing to help with a warm welcoming smile. Christina and Mark exemplify excellence in their profession. They are the best!!
    By - Natacha Gleason
    05-Jun-2023 09:01 PM
  • In had severe pain in my legs while walking of standing for more than a few minutes. An MRI was completed on my lower extremities. Dr. J. Byron Davidson diagnosed my problem as a herniated disk in the lumbar region of my back. In February of 2023, Dr. Davidson performed surgery to correct the problem. It took several weeks to recover but the surgery was a complete success. The pain I previously experienced is now completely gone and I have no trouble walking of standing. I'm a 67-year-old male and now feel able to do the things I could 20 years ago. Thanks, Dr. Davidson, you and your team did a great job from start to finish.
    By - Andrew Lichtenwalner
    31-May-2023 03:43 PM
  • I have been seeing doctor Davidson for about 4 years and I will never regret one day of ally visits.
    By - Teri Sinnett
    25-May-2023 06:12 PM
  • I’ve always had great experiences with the doctors of OAWF. I’ve had shoulder replacements, knee replacements and other surgeries. All with great success.
    By - Debra Kelly
    18-May-2023 05:07 PM
  • I had the fortune of being treated by Dr. Wisotsky. I have such high praise for ALL the amazing staff at OAWF. From the minute you walk through their doors, you are greeted with smiles and genuine interest in assisting your needs. Then, the expertise of those aiding the doctors, is outstanding. When you meet Dr.Wisotsky, it’s as if you’re the only patient on his books for that day. The attention to detail and consideration that you are understanding his findings and cause of action, is remarkable. When you are there, or at home with instructions, you are completely confident that your wellbeing is being addressed with the highest level. So very happy, impressed and confident that I’m in good hands. THANK YOU.
    By - Joanne Kidd
    17-May-2023 11:11 AM
  • Dr. Dane Olson is so nice. Answers questions fully and in words you can understand. Always on time for appointments.
    By - Sue Bartlett
    15-May-2023 10:04 PM
  • Saw Dr. Cooper to day it been 3 weeks since surgery he is great. If u do all the exercises that the therapist tell u to do plus the bike and icing the knee u will be doing great by 3 weeks
    By - Karen L Ulmer
    27-Apr-2023 02:26 AM
  • Dr. Koslin performed the anterion hip replacement exacly as he explaind to me. If I need any further treatment for the other hip or knees, I will go to Dr. Koslin.
    By - George Denty
    24-Apr-2023 07:05 PM
  • I had total hip replacement 3 weeks ago by Dr Kilgore with Chris Edelman assist. I am so happy with the process and the end result. The direct superior process he performs provides the best result possible. There is nothing I would change about my outcome. The robotics guided by Dr Kilgore makes this a more precise surgery with a smaller incision, a quicker recovery and an unbelievable outcome. I couldn’t believe there was no physical therapy, only walking. The money paid to use the robot is money well spent!! Thank you to the BEST medical team!!
    By - Carole Fabriele
    06-Apr-2023 01:38 PM
  • Dr Koslin and Dr Tambay are both super intelligent, explain things so you can understand and know their specialties! Office staff is super nice! PT facility is out of this world!
    By - Kim Hoyt
    05-Apr-2023 10:22 PM
  • Dr. Tambay was very personable & gentle with the steroid shots in my back. His assistant, Mary was the best, as were the receptionists. Sure hope these shots help. I've been in pain for 9 months. Fingers crossed!
    By - Sherlyn DePrima
    05-Apr-2023 05:31 PM
  • My first visit. Very efficient. Friendly, did not sit long in waiting room. Very pleased.
    By - Michael D Watkins
    22-Mar-2023 07:53 PM
  • Dr Cooper did my hip replacement in October 2022 at OAWF. The surgery and recovery were flawless. So when my opposite knee flared up, I did not hesitate to return to OAWF. I’ve been treated by PA Fitzgerald, who has always taken the time to listen to my issues before suggesting treatment.
    By - Tom Miller
    22-Mar-2023 05:23 PM
  • Dr Cooper replaced my right knee June of 2020. I had my left knee replaced 10 years earlier and it still gave me problems. Dr Cooper was amazing!!! Less then three years after my replacement I did something I never thought possible… I walked over the skyway bridge!!! 6.3 miles in under two hours. I am extremely grateful to be able to do things like this! Thanks again Dr. Cooper!!
    By - Amanda Petchonka
    15-Mar-2023 03:25 PM
  • I would like to give Dr. Olson an awesome review for the after care that he’s given me, he has gone above and beyond taking care of me with the hip and I appreciate him. Thank you.
    By - Keith Perkins
    02-Mar-2023 09:16 PM
  • I visited the C/S location and saw Ashley Sanchez Dr Witosky's PA, she was fabulous!!! Very professional and informative about the surgeries I am going to have done. She also gives a painless cortisone injection and I never thought I'd be able to say that! I recommend both Dr and his PAs Ashley & Sean !!
    By - Jane Lufkin
    23-Feb-2023 04:23 PM
  • Everything from scheduling to treatment was timely. Dr. Is very personable. I would definitely recommend.
    By - Lawrence Larson
    14-Feb-2023 09:05 PM
  • Even though my surgery a massive tear they walked me through the healing process down to the tech doctor's assistance nurse's assistance pas all of you guys have been great during this process and you thought how cute it was that my nurse's name is peanut and he leaves cat hair wherever he goes I wanted to send you a picture of him taking care of me I told you he thinks the brace is the most comfortable thing in the world and he doesn't want to leave my side
    By - lynette baio
    11-Feb-2023 08:08 PM
  • I had heard good things about Dr. Kilgore so I requested him to examine my knee. It turned out to be needing a total knee replacement. Dr. Kilgore did the procedure and I couldn’t have asked for better results. I could walk easily as soon as I got home and it has been truly amazing. My leg is now straight and I can walk as much as I want totally pain-free. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kilgore to anyone needing this type of surgery.
    By - richard Muller
    09-Feb-2023 09:52 PM
  • This office is the best run facility I've ever been to. X-rays were performed within minutes of my appt time and all the PAs, nurses, etc made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Rothberg was WONDERFUL! He explained everything to me in layman's terms and was very compassionate and stellar with his treatment plan. OAWF is the best facility, in my opinion, for treatment as Dr. Kilgore replaced both of my knees.
    By - Minnette Howard
    26-Jan-2023 02:01 PM
  • I've waited since 10:30 am for a callback. It's 2:30, wtf. I'm in pain and obviously you people are too busy for patients who have been with OAWF for over 20 years. I'm being ignored and I don't like it. Trying to contact OAWF is akin to running up and hitting a brick wall repeatedly. I hope you go out of business. You will be sorry you ignored me.
    By - Margaret Susan Johns
    20-Jan-2023 07:35 PM
  • The staff at OWF are outstanding. Dr. Tambay listens and explains everything, he answered my questions and explained everything! Highly recommend OWF!! No need to suffer in silence, let these experts help end your pain!
    By - Ellis Beebe
    20-Jan-2023 01:24 AM
  • I want to comment on the excellent care I have received from the professional staff at OAWF following my rotator cuff injury in June, 2022. The physical therapy care I received from Anne Gamache and Laura Allen at OAWF Physical and Occupational Therapy in Clearwater prior to determining I required surgery was very professional and truly excellent and Dr. Cottrell’s surgery and Jacqueline Johnson’s follow-ups throughout the process could not have been better in treating my injury. Then following my rotator cuff surgery in September, 2022, I was under the care of both Christina Lovera and Mark Jorgensen. My purpose for writing this testimonial is primarily to point out what a pleasure it was to work with both Christina and Mark who, over the course of three months, utilized their skills to take me from hardly even able to move my right arm to my status today having regained nearly total full range of my arm with no more pain. I found Christina and Mark to be extremely compassionate regarding my injury and totally professional in the way they went about dealing with my recovery. I always felt I was in good hands with both of them and that they were totally focused on my recovery and returning the mobility of my arm to what it was prior to my injury. So I want to thank the entire OAWF staff for their excellent work, and especially both Christina and Mark for their thoughtfulness, compassion and excellent physical therapy work in treating me and getting me back to having a fully functioning arm following my surgery. Thank you very much!!
    By - John Draheim
    18-Jan-2023 07:26 PM
  • Mark, Christina, Katie, and Jay at OAWF physical therapy did an outstanding job rehabbing my foot and ankle injury. They all listened carefully to my concerns and then put together a very effective treatment plan for my recovery. They all had my best interest in mind with everything they did. I went from an immobilizer boot to backU on the pickleball court in less than 8 weeks. I highly recommend the PT team at OAWF.
    By - Dale Young
    18-Jan-2023 07:22 PM
  • After meeting with other surgeons, I knew I found the perfect surgeon for me with Dr. Davidson. I have several autoimmune disorders and was told I’m not a surgical candidate for cervical and lumbar spine surgery. In other words, just learn to live with it. As a registered nurse, that answer was unacceptable. Dr. Davidson was confident he could fix my neck pain. After ACDF surgery, my neck pain is improved 80%! I wish I had the procedure completed sooner. I’m hopeful my lumbar surgery is just as successful in a couple of months. Dr. Davidson has improved the quality of my life and I'm very thankful!
    By - Sabrina Laury
    17-Jan-2023 11:06 PM
    13-Jan-2023 08:22 PM
  • Very professional and very respectful to me and my wife. Answered all our questions and took the time explaining what going on . He made me and my wife comfortable with our conversation.
    By - Michael Quinn
    09-Jan-2023 09:25 PM
  • Dr. Andrew J. Cooper was HIGHLY recommended by my husband who is an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. When you're looking for the absolute best doctor for Whole Hip Replacement, there is none better than Dr. Cooper. He is very dedicated to his work and has invented a computer program to assist and guide in the navigation of the surgery, which helps in making precise incisions with minimal downtime. He also used on me a new technique (like a zip tie) to close the skin without ugly stitches or staple marks. I just had the surgery done yesterday at the Tampa Bay Out Patient Surgery Center. I have no pain or swelling and I feel great. I was also very fortunate to have Dr. Andrew Peters as my anesthesiologist, is who is highly experienced and exceptional. The nursing staff, Sue, Jacie and Jayhara are dedicated to make you feel pampered and comfortable. So much better than being in a hospital.
    By - Gail Messer
    04-Jan-2023 07:04 PM
  • Kind bedside manner with a sharp medical acumen and gentle but knowledgeable care
    By - DR. SIMON Pels
    22-Dec-2022 07:36 PM
  • Today's appointment with Paul Fitzpatrick was a 10! He took the time to listen to all of my concerns and offered an option for treatment. He also thoroughly went over my hip X-ray and explained what the images showed and how it related to my recovery from hip replacement by Dr Cooper.
    By - Tom MILLER
    21-Dec-2022 07:41 PM
  • Dr. Cooper performed a total hip replacement on my right hip Dec. 12 2022. After an overnight stay, I went home the 13th. On the 14th, I was surprised to be able to walk normally using a cane just as a precaution. Other than soreness and stiffness as one would expect, it was amazing to be able to walk normally. My left leg and foot stopped hurting thanks to the correction of my right hip. Thank you Dr. Cooper, his surgical team, nurses, staff, and all that took care of me. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Cooper to anyone in need of his specialty. Amazing job.
    By - Gerald DuBois
    17-Dec-2022 09:42 AM
  • Had MRI 12/9/22, very efficient young lady explained all about procedure. Nice lady at check in put me on a waitlist for earlier appointment for results, unfortunately pain doesn’t wait, so wanting to get results soon so issue can be solved and I can be pain FREE.
    By - Judy Walters
    09-Dec-2022 08:26 PM
  • A huge thank you to the entire Clearwater PT team for their excellent work in rehabbing my wife’s knee after a total knee replacement and for preparing her for her second replacement. Their efforts had a huge impact on her mobility post surgery and also reduced her level of pain. Thank you as well to Dr. Cheong and his team for another successful surgery. The second surgery even surpassed the first great surgery.
    By - Dale Young
    02-Dec-2022 08:11 PM
  • Dr. Andrew Cooper is an amazing orthopedic surgeon. He replaced my left knee in June 2022 and my right knee in Kovember 2022. He is a very talented surgeon with the best bedside manners. Both of my surgeries were very successful. His Team is amazing as well. He works mostly out of the Morton Plant office which is very far for me but totally worth the drive. If you live in pain due to bad knees then give Dr. Cooper's office a call. Don't delay as you won't regret it. It's time to get back to living. I waited far too long to do something about my bone on bone knee joints. Time just made them worse not better. I look forward to getting back to my active and adventurous life.
    By - RFCollier
    01-Dec-2022 04:45 PM
  • his nicknmae in hospital is "super Cooper" and so fitting. I had right anterior direct hip surgery in 2014 and had amazing experience and just had my right anterior direct hip replacement in November 2022 and it was out patient surgery and so far my recovery is even more amazing than in 2024. If you need a new hip, Andrew Cooper should be your only choice, amazing doctor with amazing results. I have my life back !!
    01-Dec-2022 02:10 PM
  • I graduated from PT yesterday. Both Anne and Laura were great! They targeted the right exercises ti get my knee pain alleviated and strengthen the knee area so I wint relapse. It was a terrific e penitence and I am so grateful!
    By - Marcia
    17-Nov-2022 11:53 AM
  • DrThomas Schwab and his assistant Chris are the greatest always so helpful and kind they explain everything so throughly and thoughtly I really appreciate both of them!!!
    By - Theresa Berlin
    08-Nov-2022 06:57 PM
  • Office was clean, staff friendly and helpful. Dr. Swartz was kibd through a painful experience. I appreciated his cander. I appreciate professionalism, which is rare now adays.
    By - Cheryl Papendry
    22-Oct-2022 06:30 PM
  • Met with PA Dane Olson. Good, thorough examination. He listened carefully and explained my options clearly. I would recommend him to close family.
    By - Roy Sandstrom
    03-Oct-2022 07:04 PM
  • I was referred to OAWF by my primary care physician due to pain I was experiencing in my left upper thigh. Dr. Cheong was very good and personable. He did not find any bone issues and referred me to their physical therapy office in Clearwater. The therapists I worked with, Mark Jorgensen and Christina Lovera, were very good at providing me with exercises that reduced my pain and finally terminated the pain in my upper thigh. I strongly recommend them and the entire therapy office. All of the staff are very interactive and personable. Thank you.
    By - Margaret Macaluso
    25-Sep-2022 07:53 PM
  • From intial visit to mri A1 Recieved mri report from dr Sean Phelan, which was well described In detail.also introduced treatment Using sonogram technology which Assures correct placement of medicine 5 stars
    By - RIchard Pagan
    22-Sep-2022 08:34 PM
  • Dr. Davidson is excellent, very caring and concerned about your condition and listens to your symptoms and diagnoses your problem and action to take to make you better. A great combination for a great Doctor.
    By - Connie Heidel
    07-Sep-2022 05:21 PM
  • I have been going to OAWF for several years. I have had multiple situations that needed to be addressed. I was and still very pleased with the doctors I have seen and their staff. I highly recommend them. Dr. Tambay was one of the first I saw. I respect his opinion and trust him. Dr, Pigeon preformed back surgery on me and I had a great result. He also has my respect and trust my back in his hands. There were others that have helped me. It is a place that makes you feel comfortable and important.
    By - Janet Marie Thomas
    06-Sep-2022 08:37 PM
  • Dr.Werner was an amazing Doctor I met him today and he explained what I needed done as for my foot and I feel comfortable in the surgery I need .
    By - Cristina
    01-Sep-2022 11:32 PM
  • My OT therapy has been excellent with both elbows involved. Tyler demonstrated specific exercises to increase the range and strength in my arms.He's massaged target areas provided some electrode stimulation.Four sessions remaining and I vastly improved in my range and strength in both elbows and arms.Tim PT took the time to instruct me on how to use a cane and walk with it.His instruction was truly appreciated.Hannah and Linda at the reception area are polite, informative and helpful to all needs.Thank You
    By - Christine McDermott
    24-Aug-2022 03:25 PM
  • Dr. Cheong, Did a great job with the Left knee Arthroscopy surgery, He explained everything he did. looking forward to the Follow up appt
    By - Angela
    16-Aug-2022 07:38 PM
  • Dr. Andrew Cooper has a special way about him that makes you comfortable and confident about the end result of your surgery. I just had TKR 6/14/2022 but so far so good. His protocol for physical therapy and at home nursing care really helps take the pressure off of driving and such. Until 7/6 when my follow up appointment is, everything will be down at home which I love!! Looking forward to this new chapter and have dedicated 2022 to getting my knees taken care of so I can get on with my life. Right knee TKR is scheduled for November 15, 2022.
    By - RFC
    16-Jun-2022 12:38 AM
  • Thank you for having such friendly professional staff. Makes a difference to the patient outcome!
    By - Maureen Jacob
    08-Jun-2022 09:08 PM
  • This is a “should-ah, could-ah, would-ah” story. First, I should have worn gloves before handling old oak wood floor boards. After urgent care removed the ¼” thick splinter that pierced through my right hand little pinky, I repeatedly went to urgent care facilities to fight off infections. Finally, after a couple months of doing that, I called my family Doctor who referred me to Dr Michael L. Rothberg. The Xray didn’t show anything, so we tried a different antibiotic with instructions to return to him if the infection came back. Well, after one more urgent care visit and another round of antibiotics, I went back to Dr Rothberg, finally, and 3 pieces of wood were removed. The above was written for your enjoyment and I don’t mind laughing at myself. Dr Michael L. Rothberg is a congenial, no nonsense doctor, who on my first visit was able to cut through my loquacious history of what happened, as written above, and got to the necessary point of my reason for coming to him. He really is an excellent doctor, and I’m sure my 5 month ordeal would have been cut in half, or better, if I had followed the advice from the various urgent care places I went to, and followed Dr Rothberg’s instructions above. I hope I never have to go to an orthopedic doctor again, but if I do he will be the 5 star one I go to. I’m very thankful for what he’s done, and for the rehab department at Orthopedic Associates of West Florida (OAWF)! I have full use of my hand again!
    By - Richard Wilson
    30-May-2022 03:47 AM
  • I want to give a compliment and kudos to Andrew Johnson, Dr. Davidson's PA, who I saw last week for problems with discs in my back. I just wanted to say how wonderful he was and spent a lot of time with us and we were very pleased. I wanted to make sure that when people do a really, really great job, I believe in recognizing them. Too many people complain about everything and I think it's great when people really do a wonderful job and enjoy their job. He was exceptionally professional and has a wonderful personality.
    By - Susan
    25-May-2022 06:24 PM
  • Had my hip replaced 12/9/21. Got my 75lb dog out of the kennel 12/17 and began walking him 3x a day! Painful first few days but not unbearable. Dr. Whiddon and his PA, Matthew Krause are SUPER. Do not even think about going anywhere else! (Been there done that)
    By - Carol Albrecht
    18-May-2022 06:06 PM
  • Please give a humongous THANK-YOU to Dr. M. Rothberg for his help today. I was there for a major problem with my shoulders. Three hours later I could raise my arms almost straight up with very little pain. I can't thank him enough.
    By - James Perse
    13-May-2022 07:39 PM
  • I first met Joe Henson, Dr. Davidson’s PA, in early Nov & he was going to set me up for physical therapy. I explained how I could see myself reaching for a cup, but my brain was not connecting. Also, when going for walks with my husband, he would see me trying to put my foot down, but it never went down. Joe was an excellent listener & decided to send me for a scan of my brain and neck. Not long after our conversation & the pictures of the scans, I was referred to the surgeon, Dr. J. Byron Davidson. He explained to me what was going on and that I would require surgery to obtain the best results. I made an appointment for the surgery but had to cancel because of an ongoing UTI infection. The nurse called me back and told me to get organic cranberry capsules and a probiotic and pick up my prescription from the drugstore. After three days the pain of the UTI subsided so I was ready for surgery but deep down inside I did not want to have it. It was in February in the cold weather, so we rescheduled it for April. The surgery went above and beyond perfect, and that is the only word I can use. Dr. Davidson came in and said how are you? “Are you ready for the surgery? You sure? You don’t have to do this if you’re not ready, we could cancel and go have Starbucks downstairs.” My husband looked at him like he was crazy. I told Dr. Davidson, no I am ready and let’s do this, so he went over a few more things he was going to do. He left the room & next thing I know all the nurses that were going to be involved with my care crammed into the room before I went into the OR. They introduced themselves & asked me if I had any questions. I was so shocked I did not know what to do. Shortly after that, I met the anesthesiologist & the issue with blood would not be a concern as they had worked with other Jehovah’s Witness patients before. Then I met the neuromonitoring technician that would also be working with Dr. Davidson. I have suffered through some other spinal surgery, but I was convinced that this was going to be successful because of the staff that Dr. Davidson has working with him as a team, and the good communication from the start. My surgery is 1 month out & I have circulation in my feet and starting to gain back the strength in my hands. I cannot say enough good things that came from my surgery because of good communication from the start. I also want to thank Morton Plant Hospital for an outstanding job of keeping up with the Covid standards & respecting the issue of bloodless surgery. If you think you are going to get past the guard with no mask, don’t even think about it. I had more people praying then I could count. I had a wonderful Surgeon and his fabulous team & I’m deeply grateful. And of utmost importance, a lot of prayers on many sleepless nights. Surgery date April 25, 2022. Rate your Doctor : Score 10
    By - Denise
    11-May-2022 01:39 PM
  • I went to Dr Scott Wisotsky praying he could help me. I had a hand injury 7 years ago and went through 3 surgeries during that time. I developed osteomyelitis and MERSA and time in the hospital after the first surgery. I had pain for 7 years and had to go on disability. I moved to pinellas county and searched for a hand specialist. Three different orthopedic Drs recommended Dr Wisotsky. I went with their recommendation. I am so happy to say that 5 months after my surgery I am completely pain free and without a splint. The care in the office was wonderful. His PA Sean was the greatest. Since he was in the OR assisting he knew everything that went on in surgery. Please don’t stop reading. I know this is a long review but Dr Wisoysky is worth a thousand words. I’m a senior and I don’t tolerate pain well. I never had to take pain medicine and because of the nerve block the first 48 hours was a Breeze I recommend this Orthopedic group with every ounce of my being. Thank you group for making me finally pain free and able to function BTW he is a sight for sore eyes as well as Dr Sean
    By - Susan thorp
    10-May-2022 06:40 PM
  • Although I had one knee replacement, Dr. Cheong would be new to me. At first meeting he answered all my questions even though I had the procedure before. The office staff efficiently scheduled my operation and went over every stage from hospital admittance to follow up visit. Kudos to Heather, Meghan and especially Christine P. for their friendliness and understanding. Dr. Cheong may be a man of few words but at his visit on morning of the operation, he was compassionate and reassuring. I was able to go home the same day, followed medication regiment and never had any pain through 3 weeks of recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Cheong !
    By - Maryellen Moran
    10-May-2022 06:18 PM
  • I have been seeing Dr. Cheong for almost three years. Every visit the front office staff, medical assistants, X-ray and Dr.Cheong, courteous, caring and very professional. Recent had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Tambay to address some lingering pain from surgery. He and his assistant were very kind and compassionate as well. Highly recommend OAWF.
    By - Duane K Wood
    04-May-2022 04:47 PM
  • I saw Dr. Wisotsky re: a shoulder injury. He was extremely friendly -- even shook my hand before and after our consultation. He let me describe my symptoms.and review the events that led to the injury -- very willing to listen. His assistants were also friendly and helpful. Overall, a good experience. (A friend who is a surgical nurse tells me that he is also a fine surgeon.)
    By - Bill M.
    03-May-2022 06:22 PM
  • I have Sacriliitis and just got a steroid shot. Thank you Dr Schwab.
    By - Joyce Marsden
    26-Apr-2022 07:06 PM
  • Doctor Cooper has been amazing, from start to finish made me feel comfortable with knee replacement. His staff is kind, friendly, and patient every step of the way. It has been extreamly pleasant, stress free experience and I could not be happier. Thank you for everything you and your staff have done for me. Strongly recommend!
    By - Halid
    26-Apr-2022 03:49 PM
  • Dr. Davidson is amazing. He explains and answer questions to where you can actually comprehend. He is so kind, understanding, compassionate. I was in so much pain prior to my neck surgery, after surgery I immediately felt better. Everyone I encountered thru Dr. Davidson’s practice was amazing! I felt completely confident with Dr. Davidson!!
    By - Connie Chancey
    21-Apr-2022 07:12 PM
  • I highly recommend Dr. Cheong. Everyone, from the staff in the front office and the back office, including Dr. Cheong himself, were fantastic. Will definitely go there for any future orthopedic needs.
    By - Stephanie Sowell
    08-Apr-2022 11:14 PM
  • I went in to see Dr . Pigeon for a second opinion. After visiting with him, I wished I would have gone to him from the beginning. I’ve had so many back surgeries that the pain is definitely real. I don’t know if I will ever be pain free.
    By - Anna Flower
    23-Mar-2022 11:37 PM
  • Got gel shots in my right knee given by Brooke..she does it well enough to where it's nearly painless. These shots are a lifesaver for me to stay mobile for the next 6 months or so.
    By - Gary Howe
    17-Mar-2022 08:45 PM