OAWF has developed a state-of-the-art Orthotics/Prosthetics (O&P) department to facilitate the growing needs and demands of today’s medical community. Linked with the highest level of Orthopaedic care, OAWF provides this service to help encompass all our patient’s orthopaedic needs, ranging from prosthetics (custom artificial limbs) to orthoses (orthopaedic braces).

At OAWF, we offer our patients unsurpassed quality with the convenience of an in-house O&P department. This allows us to provide a comprehensive and time efficient service to our patients by our very own State Licensed and Board-Certified Orthotics and Prosthetics staff.

The OAWF Advantage:

By trusting OAWF to provide you and your family with all ofyour O&P needs, you will have the advantage of always having a physician and staff member in-office to ensure the quality fit of any orthosis or prosthesis you require. OAWF ensures complete patient educational care for their orthoses and prostheses through planned follow-up and re-examination. In addition, our radiology department can take a digital image while our patients are wearing their prosthesis to confirm the proper fit. OAWF is the only orthopaedic practice in the area that enlists its own O & P department.