• Prior to seeing Dr. Andrew Cooper, I was in chronic and debilitating pain for more than three years. I could barely walk. Running or any type of exercise were out the question. When Dr. Cooper first saw my x-rays he just said, “Wow!! How are you living with that pain?” I underwent bi-lateral THRs in two procedures, 30 days apart. The right hip was replaced in late October of 2017 and the left hip was done on the last day of that November. Getting my THRs was the BEST decision I’ve ever made. Dr. Cooper’s skill in performing the Anterior THRs was superb! I was walking within four hours of both operations. The pain that I lived with for years was gone almost instantly and post-operation soreness was gone within a few weeks. Ten weeks out from the last surgery, I am walking like I am twenty-years-old again. I am back in the gym walking on the treadmill, using the elliptical machine and riding the stationary bike for 45 minutes at a time. The best part is when you stop and realize that your hips, your legs or the pain you endued when walking are now a forgotten memory. If you’re suffering like I was, a THR may be a salvation. The Anterior approach is a great technique and Dr. Cooper is the best man to help you.

    By - M. Marika
    18-Apr-2018 07:38 AM
  • I’ve seen at least 7 different doctors in this practice, due to various medical problems!

    I’ve found all of them to be compassionate, thorough, and very effective in their treatments!!

    By - E. Anton
    18-Apr-2018 07:37 AM
  • Dr. Zahrai performed kyphoplasty on my spine. He was thorough in his explanation and friendly. I am pleased with the results.

  • Dr. Andrew Cooper did a total hip replacement on my right hip. The first time I saw him I was using a walker hardly able to walk. I was able to have surgery in two weeks time. Surgery went fantastic. Less than two days in the hospital and went home to recover. Two weeks later I went back to Dr. Cooper to have staples removed. I walked in with a cane and in less pain than I have felt in over a year. Dr Cooper did a great job. He is very knowledgeable, pleasant and friendly. The office staff is also very friendly and helpful.

  • Dr Zahrai used Stem Cell Therapy to treat my knee. 69% improvement in two weeks. Highly recommend this treatment.

  • Anyone with back problems or pain down the legs should contact Dr. Zahrai without delay. He diagnosed my wife’s condition, briefed us thoroughly and professionally without being condescending, frightening or familiar.

    He explained the probability of success of the options, and the level of discomfort to be expected after surgery. With such forthright council, we felt very confident in his ability notwithstanding the seriousness of her condition. My wife’s leg pain disappeared with the surgery. Success!

    Dr. Zahrai is an earnest and serious young doctor that truly wants to help people with spinal problems.

  • I’ve been hard on my body all my life. For the past 4 years,I’ve paid dearly for that: in constant pain, bent nearly double, and unable to walk a block without having to sit down.

    Fearing back surgery, I’d done the chiropractors, the acupuncture,the therapy, tai chi, and fitness training.All provided a bit of relief for short periods, but I knew if I were to have any quality of life, now I had to try the surgery.

    Having heard all the spinal surgery horror stories, I vetted EVERYBODY, including the Bonati Institute. I chose Dr. Zahrai, based upon his credentials, which are impressive. I figured that if I were not comfortable with my initial visit,I’d move on. Dr.Zahrai impressed me greatly right away.He focused on my condition,(not good), and my age,(81); I could tell he was factoring both; but he said,”I think I can help you.”His simple, quiet, confident statement made my decision.

    Dr. Zahrai performed two back surgeries ,two days apart,a little over two months ago.Today, I am practically pain free, and improving each week.I am standing straight up for the first time in years, and I can now walk as far as I wish, without having to sit down.

    I highly recommend his skilled hands!

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Ali Zahrai for about a year, during that time I have found help, compassion, understanding, care, concern and pain relief, all because of his passion to help his patients live and experience a much more comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

    I would not hesitate for a second to recommend his practice to anyone experiencing any type of back pain or discomfort. His personal dedication to his patients is like no other that I have ever experienced when being treated by other physicians during my life time.

    By - Craig H
    31-Jan-2018 05:11 AM
  • Dr. David Thompson has performed surgery on four of our family members over many years. Injuries were both sports related and “just getting old”! We’ve all had success with the procedures and do recommend him to our family, friends, co-workers and clients. Office staff has always been great as well.

  • I would like to thank the Clearwater office and Dr. Tom Schwab for the kindness and service provided to me. Also, Bob Caldwell was extremely helpful and expertly used his knowledge in my problem, Thanks again.

    By - P. Hampsey
    31-Jan-2018 05:09 AM
  • I went to OAWF for an MRI and had an excellent experience. The staff was very professional and polite. Tracy went out of her way to get me an appointment as soon as possible. She went over 100% to please.

  • I went to OAWF for an MRI and everything went smoothly from the moment I walked in. Tricia was so helpful, and wanted to meet all of my needs. She made certain that I was comfortable the whole time, and explained everything thoroughly. Excellent employees!

  • Dr. Zahrai told me the specifics about my back that no other orthopaedic surgeon has taken the time to explain. He answered all of my questions, and encouraged more.

    By - T. White
    31-Jan-2018 05:08 AM
  • Dr. Wisotsky and his staff are excellent, informative and knowledgeable. I got treatment for my shoulder in just one appointment.

    By - B. Wisnasky
    31-Jan-2018 05:07 AM
  • Dr. Rothberg was very pleasant and actually took the time to explain things and to listen to what I had to say. He certainly takes pride in what he does.

    By - OAWF patient
    31-Jan-2018 05:06 AM
  • Dr. Thompson and his staff are an 11 on a scale of 1-10!! There was no long wait, and the staff was friendly, efficient and accommodating.

    By - K. Talcott
    31-Jan-2018 05:06 AM
  • Dr. Cheong is one of the best doctors we have ever had, and a real credit to OAWF and Mease Countryside Hospital. His skill and personality are impeccable and when we asked the nurses how they enjoyed working with Dr. Cheong, they couldn’t say enough about his skill and treatment of the patients and nursing staff.

  • Dr. Rothberg was very pleasant and actually took the time to explain things and listen to what I had to say. He was very friendly and understanding.

  • I have been a patient for the past six months for a wrist and hand treatment with Dr. Rothberg. I would like to thank him and his team, especially the occupational therapist, Ruth Coopee, the accountant Sheryl Girk, the receptionist Hannah Simpson and of course Paula Rosica for their positive attitude and engagement to send me home to Germany almost healthy.

    By - Marie L
    31-Jan-2018 04:38 AM